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Brazil - Espirito Santo

Brazil - Espirito Santo

The Brazilian state of Espírito Santo might be one of the smallest states in the country, but it packs an incredible heft of natural riches like iron, coffee, and fruit – and interestingly – a population made up of mostly people with Italian ancestry.


Good things take time, and producers in Espírito Santo do precisely that when it comes to harvesting their coffee. The cherries mature slowly, each in their own time, and handpicking allows farmers to collect only the ripest fruit. The mountainous terrain is steep and uneven, so farming heavily depends on manual labor that’s highly selective when picking and sorting coffee. Every family member on the farm plays a role in bringing coffee to market.


Unlike in the rest of Brazil, the coffee here is processed with the washed or semi-washed method because the climate and high altitude make Espirito Santo’s environment mistier and more humid. The unusual climate also contributes to the coffee’s unique cup profile. Espírito Santo coffees offer lush sweetness and an aroma that make it distinctive from specialty coffee grown elsewhere in Brazil.


Flavor profile: Nutty, Cereal, Cocoa



    Sold as Whole Bean Coffee. 12 oz (340 grams).

    Packed in earth-friendly Biotrē bags, made from 60% renewable plant based resources.


    Free and discounted door drop delivery (depending on your location) for the local community. Otherwise, we provide flat rate shipping which is 100% Carbon Nuetral.


    As a small business we try to consolidate roasting days to maximize efficiency. We currently plan on roasting once or twice per week for next day delivery or shipment.

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