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Uganda Rwenzori

Uganda Rwenzori

The Bugoye community resides north of Kasese, living and farming throughout altitudes ranging from 1,300-1,900masl in western Uganda. The smallholders grow coffee as their main cash crop. Harvesting and selling cherries pays for essentials like sending children to school. The coffee trees that populate these smallholder garden plots are mostly SL28 and SL14 cultivars that were originally developed in Kenya.


The Rwenzori mountain range (aka - Mountains of the Moon), in Western Uganda is a region offering consistently high-quality Ugandan green coffee beans. The receiving stations are generally closer to farming areas, making it easier for farmers to deliver ripe red cherries. From the receiving stations, cherries are transported to a centralized wet mill, where processing is carried out under careful supervision and quality control.


Flavor profile: Dark Chocolate, Plum, and Clove



    Sold as Whole Bean Coffee. 12 oz (340 grams).

    Packed in earth-friendly Biotrē bags, made from 60% renewable plant based resources.


    Free and discounted door drop delivery (depending on your location) for the local community. Otherwise, we provide flat rate shipping which is 100% Carbon Nuetral.


    As a small business we try to consolidate roasting days to maximize efficiency. We currently plan on roasting once or twice per week for next day delivery or shipment.

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